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Carbide Rod


Shape and hole precision are the best in the world.
The improved facilities can use the dedicated machine to finish forming with one chuck. Hole position precision is within 0.05 mm, which is the best in the world (according to our research).And, all the steps from order receipt to drawing and forming were rationalized to keep the delivery date within one week in all products.

Molded Form
Tools made of our molded form
Tools made of our Nearnet-shape
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Dimension Specification of Nearnet-shape

i1jAllocated Material

TK8/NF15, in principle



Shape ToleranceD
Solid Carbide Type +0.9
Solid-Head Carbide Type +1.0

*D is finish diameter.

i3jLength (Maximum: 400mm) Tolerance

Length Over Within Over Within Over Within Over Within
- 50 50 100 100 150 150 -
Tolerance +0.8

*1. The above table is applied to total length and each step length. Depending on grinding direction, the tolerance may be the negative one with the same tolerance width.


i4jGroove Processing (Maximum: 250mm)

Groove Length Over Within Over Within Over Within
- 100 100 150 150 -
Tolerance 0

*2. If the remaining groove length is specified, the tolerance is the positive one with the same tolerance width.
*3. Whetstone radius for groove grainding is R35 to 40.
If it is smaller than user-used R, groove is shortened to prevent sinterd surface from remaining.
*4. Groove inner angle R can be chosen from R0, R1.0, R2.0, and R3.0.R0 is applied, unless otherwise instructed.
*5. sirial groove processing is feasible.


Tolerance of the thickness between two pairs of blade face sthat runs side by side in case of two grooves

*The left table is applied according to the ordered dimension.If sinter is ordered, the upper/lower limit is the value obtained by subtracting -0.5 from the one in the left table.


i5jCoolant Hole Processing (Minimum: 0.5)


i6jStep Processing

Processing of step below 1mm (outside diameter difference below 2mm) is skipped in principle.



Except for V-cut portion in brazing, center processing is performed in principle.Users choose male center or center hole. Center hole is processed, unless otherwise instructed.



Shape Permissible value
Solid Carbide Type NHM Specification
Solid-Head Carbide Type 0.3Within

*NHM SpecificationEEEIn both center support, the permissible value is the one obtained by subtracting -0.2 from the minimum grinding allowance in the lot.



For any processing, contact us.

Molded Form


Center Specification

i1jMale Center (Fig.1)

The table below is applied in accordance with the diameter of end face.

Diameter of end surface d1
Within 5
Over 5 and within 10 3
Over 10 and within 20 4
Over 20 5

*It is directly circular cone in accordance with circumference.



i2jCenter Hole (Fig.2)

The table below is applied in accordance with the diameter of end face.

Diameter of end surface d2 d3
Within 5 0.7 \
Over 5 and within 10 1.0 2
Over 10 and within 15 1.5 3
Over 15 and within 20 2 4
Over 20 2.5 5